Fuck BLM – We Stand with Cuba

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Marching against oppression is the theme of the protests in Cuba. It all started when an 82-year old woman shed all fear to express frustration over lack of food and other basic necessities, a predicament which is widespread throughout the little island. She began to march; the rest is history as they say. Here in America, it took no time at all for GOP Leaders to condemn the Cuban government over the treatment of its people and to offer their support for the afflicted.

The irony! The hypocrisy of Republicans in Washington! When Blacks march to protest against injustice, police brutality, Republicans condemn them; when other people from other countries march to protest injustice, Republicans support them. Can one recall a time when any Republican in Washington offer support and defend Blacks marching to protest their treatment in the hands of law enforcement? Is there a single such instance? Fuck the Blacks! is usually their reactions.

The callousness of America towards its own, the Blacks, they first enslaved, then deployed an army of police officers to deprive them of their rights, set a system to discriminate against them, call the national guard to prevent them from expressing anger at the injustices done to them but without skipping a beat stand in solidarity with other people who are oppressed, the Cubans this time.

Holy smoke! The hypocrisy of Republicans.

GOP Leaders are like vultures hovering over and prowling for stinking carcasses of political opportunities. If only they were half-hearted towards Blacks’ plight in America as they are enthusiastic to helping other people (the Cubans this time) who are oppressed by their own government!

The marching, the protests by Blacks for being oppressed, discriminated against, civil rights violated, executed by cops are a nuisance to Republicans in general. They cannot stand the sight of Blacks marching, demanding justice for those whose lives have been snuffed away by the very people tasked to protect them. To GOP Leaders across the country, it is a nuisance; to Republican and Republican leaning networks, it’s unacceptable Blacks dare to march for justice. “They are thugs; they should just accept what is done to them. They have no right to march; they have no right to make demands. In fact, they have no right to expect any better from America.”

What’s wrong with them being killed! What’s wrong with their civil rights violated? What’s wrong with police officers executing them? What’s wrong with them being unjustly treated? What’s wrong with them being framed? What’s wrong with all that? What’s wrong with any of that? They are Blacks; their ancestors were slaves. “We Whites fought the civil war to prevent them from being free. We don’t like the idea of ‘them’ breathing the same air, having the same opportunity, being equally treated.” This is America! Blacks are second class citizens that should be treated as such.


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