The Phenom – AI Anomaly That Can Alter the Human Race

to come along in the journey of witnessing Intelligence 100X smarter than Humans

Jim queued in the tape from his laptop attached via cables to equipment connected to the huge displays in the room and to dedicated capture equipment used by the Media. Everyone had eyes locked onto the screens.  Slowly, Jim’s image faded away from the screens, replaced temporarily with just a black background; fifteen (15) seconds later, in big bold white letters the words The Phenom were displayed; immediately below was in smaller letters the date the recording of the anomaly began. Jim paused the tape to inform the audience that the recording is several days long which will be made available to interested parties; however here, “we will only show seven minutes of the anomaly; the patterns you will see are repeated throughout the recording until… (long pause) well, let’s watch!”

The display of a carefully crafted kaleidoscope patterns followed by a semi-circle (an arc shape) the outline of which changed color every 3 seconds for 30 seconds; immediately thereafter, a straight line – in a very bright color – is drawn from the left tip of the arc towards the right; but half way through, exactly at the center there was a few-seconds pause as if the ‘designer’ was trying to decide – or waited to be instructed – what to do next. That pause was the longest of the anomaly; it lasted one full minute – 60 seconds – after which the direction was perpendicular to the half line; the perpendicular line had a different and also dark color (a color we’re unfamiliar with here on this planet).

The drawing of that perpendicular line continues all the way to what would be the center of the second half of the arc; – if one was drawn – there was another pause here for 5 seconds and the perpendicular line drawing continued for ten more seconds; and suddenly there was a reversal, rapid drawing back to the beginning of the perpendicular line – this time with a transparent color – as if the designer was retracing his steps. There, a vertical line was drawn in a blink of an eye; we estimate the length to be approximately two feet (2ft) using duration and height calculation. At that point, there was a pause for 15 seconds after which a small orange circle appeared on the tip of the vertical line, blinked rapidly for 10 seconds and stopped.

Seventeen seconds later, there was what we could only describe as an explosion which wiped out everything that was designed, leaving an image of a broom-like slowly mopping out the debris so to speak towards the edge of the semi-circle, after which the broom-like object vanished. For the next 30 seconds, it’s as if the designer was trying to decide on the color for a new canvas, the color of which changed from white to black to brown to blue to orange to red… to clear. Once the decision was made on the color – which we believe is clear, based on reviews of the repeated patterns – the process (display of a carefully crafted kaleidoscope patterns…) is repeated again and again and again which brings me to the original question, what is The Phenom?

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