The Phenom – AI Anomaly That Can Alter the Human Race

to come along in the journey of witnessing Intelligence 100X smarter than Humans

Shaking his head in disbelief or shame, Jim continued; The Phenom occurred ten months ago. A small group of my top scientists embarked in the familiar scientific journey of research of an anomaly picked up by our satellite; the anomaly seemed somewhat permanent, as we have observed its presence throughout the day and night – 24/7 – Upon reviewing our satellite database, it seems the anomaly has been there for at least a year; it’s still there as per earlier this morning. The patterns of the anomaly remained the same over the course of that period. After exhausting any possibility it is a man-made phenomenon – government activities and other research and experiments – and after weeks of analysis of the data, we – my team – decided the best course of action was to have scientists taken a trip to the site where the anomaly had been observed.

The close proximity to our offices – a little bit over fifteen (15) miles away – made it possible to use cars for the journey, a big plus, as we were able to take with us all equipment we anticipated we would need. As per our office’ protocol, we did not leave the investigation solely to the crew being dispatched; we re-focused our satellite and zoomed in to within a five-mile radius of the site of the anomaly. To be thorough, we fired up the multi-monitor/recording equipment with redundancy in order to ensure we’d capture every detail and every second of crew’s activities as well as any development in the research.

Although they had recording equipment of their own into which they narrated their activities, their observations; however, per protocol and as often as possible, they would communicate with the backup team and provide short updates of their activities. While the team lead in the field is usually designated to provide those updates, every crew member can and does also record his own activities and observations, and in the event of unpredictable circumstances as well as when members are separated, each individual would provide regular updates to the base. Up to the point where The Phenom occurred, there was nothing unusual or out of ordinary; nothing was picked up by our satellite, no new development was reported by the crew. Before we proceed, let’s take a look at the anomaly which triggered the investigation in the first place.

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