When It Is Profitable To Do Away With the Constitution

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The Rich are not eager to walk away from their malicious way of amassing wealth despite the damage to the social underpinning of our society; the powerful are in no hurry to abandon their evil approach which threatens the Republic. They are not eager at all!

“Follow the money” trail is the surest way to identify issues, to solve problems and to even solve crimes. Follow the money because it is likely those who profit of society ills are responsible for those ills; at the very least they are complicit in their attempts to prevent the implementation of solutions which would actually solve those problems.

To keep the discussion in focus, let’s make use of the most recent and frequently occurring social issues – gun massacres in America – the country has to confront and how that continues to be exploited by both those in power and those who enrich themselves of the bloodshed the frequent mass shooting has caused..

to be notified when the conclusion to this topic is available

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