When It Is Profitable To Do Away With the Constitution

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It should surprise no one that most individuals in the top 1% would never admit the issue discussed above is a problem let alone offer help to remedy the situation. Why would they? They profit of it. Although one is allowed to be cynical of such broad statements, considering that we as a society have come to accept – without any debate, or deliberation or even a full grasp of the causes – that social problems are difficult to tackle, it’s only natural we believe it is not easy to find a remedy for society ills.

However, the difficulty to solving social problems is a myth perpetuated by the very people who want social issues and societal ills to linger without which those with influence will fade out and those who profit of it, well, will stop enriching themselves in its absence. There is no lack of examples which prove the rich and the influential profit from all sorts of social problems: from slavery to civil war to mass shooting to the January 6, 2021 attempted coup on US democracy, it is easy to connect the dots how social problems benefit the wealthy and the powerful; one such individual – Fred Eshelman – is on record to have brought legal suits against the group which promoted the propaganda about election frauds, promised to overturn the results to keep Trump in the Oval Office, and in a last ditch effort organized the insurrection movement to prevent Joe Biden from assuming the presidency; Mr. Fred Eshelman is trying to get back two and half million dollars ($2.5million) he contributed towards the effort to reverse the outcome of the election; translation, such individual funded an insurrection against the United States, thus creating social unrest. Mr. Eshelman was not alone; thousands of wealthy individuals contributed to the unrest witnessed by the world on January 6, 2021. They all expected to continue to profit financially of a Trump administration.

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