When It Is Profitable To Do Away With the Constitution

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Solutions to societal ills – Gender Inequality, Immigration, Injustice, Poverty, Healthcare Availability, Homelessness, Bullying, Climate Change (to name only those few) – are no brainer; resources to implement solutions to the aforementioned social issues are abundant, and yet society is plagued with all sorts of problems. Naturally, one would be inclined to conclude that it is not easy to solve social problems. That premise cannot be any much further from the truth. Coincidentally, that is the very proposition society has operated under since the beginning of time.

The main obstacle to solving social problems confronted by any society in any era has always been the reluctance of, the opposition by those in position of influence and power to let that happen; in worst case scenarios which is very often, they’d place obstacles, erect barriers to prevent any solution from being discussed or considered let alone implemented. The most simplistic explanation is that those in position of power, those with great influence benefit of societal ills, profit of social problems.

Don’t be quick to reject those premises; examples are in order.

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