America Will Fall

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One should not be quick to dismiss what had happened at the capitol on January 6, 2021. It was not just a group of thugs who tried to subvert our democracy. The event on that day was well organized with contribution, participation, coordination with and support from GOP leaders in Washington. The display of riots in the nation capital was bad for America’s image but what happened behind closed door was much, much worse. GOP Leaders gathered to reject 250 years of democracy, did away with norms, principles, decency and patriotism, violated the very oath they all took to defend the Constitution. They did not just do nothing; they all collaborated to officiate the reversal of the outcome of a presidential election. They will be spending weeks, months to justify their actions against America, most Republican constituents will put their ignorance on display by continuing to believe their leaders’ actions were somewhat warranted. That was worse than 9/11; that was in the scale of the civil war with much worse and longer lasting impact to the country.

But GOP leaders want everyone to move on, as if nothing had happened. One Republican Legislator referred to the riots on that day as a group of tourists visiting the Capitol. Even if such statement was meant as a joke, it was not funny. No one was laughing. The country cannot possibly be laughing at any of the Republican Leader’s joke. They have actively contributed towards destroying and doing away with the Constitution of the United States.

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