America Will Fall

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America has been in decline for a while now. January 6, 2021 was the culmination from which the fall of America has become inevitable; on that day, the world watched in dismay the crumbling of Democracy in America. Led by the 45th president, supported by most GOP leaders (in Washington and across the country), the world watched insurrection in progress in America.  It took a bloody turn. It could have been worse, according to most reports. Both the Speaker of the House and the Vice President were being hunted by the insurrectionists. Outside the capitol building, gallows were built awaiting the capture of the Vice President to be hung publicly. In their respective chambers, the Republican Legislators were discussing ways to prevent Biden’s win from being certified and to offer rationale to undo the results of the elections in states Trump lost.

Fortunately, the outcome didn’t happen the way the Republican thugs planned it.

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