America Will Fall

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Before 9/11 happened to America, anyone who would have dared to suggest such tragedy could occur in US soil would have been looked at as a weirdo to say the least. Who would dare to attack America?

And yet it happened, not just in one location but in three different ones. That tragedy which cost the lives of approximately 3,000 people, affected the economy – albeit temporarily – and changed the world forever was the actions of America’s enemies, terrorists who lived in caves in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. That tragedy was not the result of wars with another Superpower, US archenemy Russia. It was perpetrated by a few loosely organized terrorists with their leader bin Laden who set out to punish Americans.

America, the World will never be the same, ever again. Every year since the tragedy, the nation remembers those who lost their lives on that day, and yet America has become so complacent, its citizens so naïve, is now heading to another devastating disaster, which will make 9/11 tragedy pale in comparison.

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