AI or Cyborg, Intelligence Humans CANNOT Compete With

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The original plan was for Jim to be in Washington for a few hours, 1 day at the most.

Scratch that!

It was likely Jim would be there for a few days, a week quite possibly. Scientists, Researchers (registered in the National Research Database – NRD) were all notified of a “very important” presentation starring Jim Loch. The mention of his name alone was enough incentive to get anyone in the AI field to attend a presentation. Jim knew he was a prominent figure in the field – the President picked him – but he was completely unaware of his popularity among his peers. Despite the fame, Jim has always been irritatingly humble.

What began as a simple journey to seek for help with a vexing issue (The Phenom) turned into an international gathering of scientists, researchers and AI experts across the Globe. Such an important event naturally caught the attention and interests of the news media. Although Jim tried his best to downplay the importance of his presence in Washington, insistence for what he had to say be formalized left him no choice but to go along with the request by his colleagues. His presence there was made known to the President who requested he met with him while preparation was under way for the “big event”.


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