Voters’ Frauds Claims Is a War Worth Fighting Against

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Unfortunately, just like it was in Hitler’s time, the Republican constituents are much too naïve, too gullible, too ignorant to realize they are helping their leaders destroy America.

The simple exercise of voting carries the greatest importance in any democracy. Most countries with a system of democracy work to increase the turnout at elections, to encourage their citizens to participate in the democracy; here in America, GOP Leaders have always worked to restrict voting, to make it harder for people to vote, and to outright discourage people from participating in elections. And they rationalize doing it. To the detriment of the Republic, the Republican constituents buy into the argument, continue to support individuals who openly, deliberately work against the best interests of America. As of this writing, there are approximately 400 bills proposed by GOP Leaders to decrease voting turnout across the nation. This represents the greatest threat the country has confronted; it is second to none.

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