Voters’ Frauds Claims Is a War Worth Fighting Against

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We’ve seen, we read about the devastation caused by wars; the horror lived under and counted by war survivors should be enough incentive to force even the least intelligent among us to avoid taken that route or followed anyone on it; just recently on January 6, 2021, we had a preview how treacherous that route can be.

Adolf Hitler did not lie just for lying sake; Adolf Hitler lied to convince people he had their best interests at heart; Adolf Hitler deceived the Germans, his followers. Hitler lied, deceived everyone, consolidated power and ultimately entrapped the world into what is considered by historians as the most devastating war in history.

GOP Leaders don’t lie just for lying sake; they lie to deceive their constituents; they lie to deceive others; they lie so they can fulfill their contemptible (wicked, diabolical) agendas. Just like Adolf Hitler, the Republican Leaders are eager to consolidate power by destroying our Democracy, rendering the Constitution useless and ditching every aspect of the rule of law. We’ve seen what Republican Leaders are like; we are eyewitnesses how far they are willing to go, how low they are willing to stoop down, how much disaster they are willing to cause in order to stay in power. Just like Adolf Hitler, they accuse (or get rid of) those who refuse to go along with their wicked approach; just like Adolf Hitler, they marginalize those who stand for what’s right. Just like Adolf Hitler, the GOP Leaders are willing to sacrifice those who stand for the truth and ready to defend the Constitution; just like Adolf Hitler, Republican Leaders will not hesitate to resort even to murder to silence those who can expose their evildoings.

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