Voters’ Frauds Claims Is a War Worth Fighting Against

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One needs not to have lived in Hitler’s time to know he was undoubtedly the worst that had happened to the world to date. Adolf Hitler triggered World War II considered to be as of date the deadliest military conflict in history. It is estimated that more than 80 million people died during and due to the war; according to historical record, deaths directly caused by the war are estimated to be around 50+ million; an additional estimated 25+ million died of war-related disease and famine; another 5 million prisoners of war died in captivity. Put differently, Adolf Hitler’s lies, deceptions and conspiracies caused the greatest tragedy on record since the existence of mankind.

And yet, that’s the exact route taken by the Republicans to advance their selfish and personal agendas. That should scare the hell out of every concerned American, every human being on this planet for that matter, for we know exactly how it will all end. We know there is nothing good which can come out of that approach.

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