Voters’ Frauds Claims Is a War Worth Fighting Against

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Here in the United States, Republicans make use of the issue of voters’ frauds to stay relevant, knowing the cost to our democracy; there in Israel, Netanyahu’s relevance is directly linked to fights with Palestinians. Both Jewish and Palestinian civilians are pawns in a political fight between the leaders to stay relevant. Wars, regardless the explanation provided by the players, have no other purpose, to benefit none others than those who started the wars.

Here at home, Republicans have made it a normal course of business to be at war with Democrats, even when it is blatantly obvious there is no reason to be. The People, naïve, gullible, ignorant, lined up behind their respective political party of affiliation to defend whatever they believe the Party stands for. In the end, those politicians could care less about the people who support them and vote them in office ad perpetuum. War will never end, because the leaders are too selfish to do what’s right for their people, for their country; the supporters are too darn ignorant to break away from despicable individuals who use them as pawns to fulfill their nefarious agenda.

Voters’ frauds argument – the latest conspiracy – is now the new tool used by GOP Leaders to continue to chip away at US Democracy. The incessant repetition of a lie, amplified by networks such as Fox, Newsmax, OAN and other Republican (right leaning) venues (radios, televisions, publications, social medias), is an approach straight out of Adolf Hitler’ playbook: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

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