Voters’ Frauds Claims Is a War Worth Fighting Against

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Netanyahu is not as popular as he would like to be, although he’s been Israel Prime Minister since 1996. His charm has started to fade away, and his grip on power is beginning to slip; in April 2019, Prime Minister Netanyahu could not even form a governing coalition, the first such failure in Israeli history. In addition, Mr. Netanyahu has been fighting multiple corruption charges. As a semi-dictator who has held on to power at any cost, at all cost, the Israeli Prime Minister had engaged in an all-out war against, not just the Palestinians but anyone who stands in his way. For instance, after the Israeli intelligence agency – Mossad – handed Netanyahu a fabricated story on Iran’s nuclear program, the Israeli Prime Minister travelled to Washington in 2015, not to have a dialog with then President Obama but rather to interfere in US policy vis-à-vis Iran, in an attempt to convince the receptive Republican audience to oppose Obama administration from pursuing an agreement with Iran.

In an effort to prevent the Obama administration from reaching a nuclear deal agreement with Iran, Mr. Netanyahu delivered a controversial speech against the deal to a receptive Republican led house who saw no issue that a foreign entity was interfering with US internal affairs. Absent were then VP Joe Biden and a number of other high ranking Democrat Legislators. Even Netanyahu’ supporters back home in Israel condemned his action vis-à-vis the United States. Netanyahu calculated his political survival depends a great deal on being constantly at war by either creating problem or amplifying minor issues that could be resolved diplomatically. Just like the Republican Legislators here in US have capitalized on the ignorance of their supporters, Mr. Netanyahu has used Jews’ fear of being some day killed by rocket launched from the Palestinian side to keep the State of Israel constantly at war and portrayed himself as the only leader willing to slaughter Palestinian children to keep Jews safe.

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