Tax The Rich? Oh No!

Once a Democrat administration takes over the Executive Branch of the government, the GOP Leaders would suddenly trance into an epiphany about controlling debts, the deficit and “worrying about the financial burden” future generations will inherit. Sadly, the country has also watched the accelerated level of ignorance amidst the Republican constituents; they have become more and more gullible, so naïve as to believe the same people who have lied to them repeatedly for many decades.

So it is no surprise that the Biden’s proposal, $2T for Jobs Plan (Infrastructure, Housing, Manufacturing/R&D, Job Training) and $1.8T for Families Plan (Child Care, Community College, Universal Pre-School, Paid Family Leave) is met with strong opposition by Republican leadership. Mitch McConnell stated a few days ago that “I am 100% focused in stopping the Biden administration.” Apparently, Republican Leaders are not pleased Biden’s proposal does not include any provision “to help the Rich”. Even worse, Biden proposes to offset some of the cost of his plan by increasing taxes on the rich. To Republican Leaders in Washington, it is a no-no, a non-starter for any proposal to demand that the Rich pay their fair share and help to carry some of the financial burden.

As mentioned times and again in my publications and repeated ad nauseam in most of my broadcast programs, the country cannot count on Republicans. They have for over a century (100 years+) opposed any proposal, legislation and act which is slated to helping the working class and the middle class.

It is a fool errand for Democrats to think Republican Legislators would want to compromise on these matters. They have never done that, especially when it is evident the outcome will benefit The People. They probably never will. It is time Republican constituents also understand their leaders have never had any intention to work on their behalf. They’d rather devise ways to deceive them instead of addressing their interests.

What would you add?

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