Tax The Rich? Oh No!

So, why tax the Rich? They’re Already Rich

This topic represents perhaps one of the major reasons for the BIG divide between Democrats and Republicans. Decades of records show that GOP Leaders have always proposed and passed legislations which benefit the wealthy overwhelmingly all the while shifted the burden of taxes to the working class. As masters of deception, they’ve always managed to convince their constituents the GOP promotes tax cuts while the opposing Party, the Democrats, is for tax increase. It’s a simple message – although marred in deception – with long lasting impact and devastating financial consequences for the working class regardless the political affiliation.

GOP Leaders – legislators, administrations, elected officials – have always relied exclusively on the ignorance of their constituents to win arguments, to oppose even legislations which would benefit the Republican constituents. The country cannot count on the GOP Leaders to educate their constituents on this matter (or any matter); they have instead engaged in campaigns of misinformation, disinformation and at times blatant deceptions. For instance, GOP Leaders always promote ‘tax cuts’ to their constituents but they’d pass bills which benefit corporations largely, with no to very little benefit to the constituents. Statistically, the GOP has always shifted the burden of carrying government expenses to the people, the masses while at the same time rewarding corporations with huge financial incentives those companies will in turn use to increase their executives’ salaries, buy back stocks and keep the remaining in their coffers. The masses are always on the hook to pay for the borrowed money.

Every Republican administration distributes financial rewards (or breaks) to the Wealthy individuals and large corporations; marketed as tax cuts, the Republican constituents have always bought into the argument that tax cuts are attractive but they can never figure out this argument is the most openly blatant deception by their GOP Leaders into having them to support legislations which will ultimately harm them financially. Republican administrations borrow money to feed the “tax cuts” propaganda, most of which benefit the Rich and the Wealthy. Such was the case in the latest round of the tax cut campaign in 2017 when $1.5T was borrowed of which 85%+ went to wealthy individuals and large corporations. These moves by the Republican Leaders have created very large national debts they’d never worried or even talked about until…

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