Tax The Rich? Oh No!

Why tax the Rich?

Democrat Legislators and administrations are sensible enough to tax and/or suggest taxing the wealthy a little bit more; Republicans’ are stupid enough to argue against that. The trickledown economics – Trickle-down economics states that tax breaks and benefits extended to corporations and the wealthy will trickle down to everyone else. Empirical evidence shows that this approach has never managed to achieve its stated goals as described by the Reagan administration – pushed aggressively by the Republicans since Ronald Reagan (40th president of the United States) has proven to be useless (even detrimental at times) to the middle class and the working class but a lucrative and beneficial approach to the wealthy.

That approach, embraced exclusively and successfully implemented by Republican administrations and Legislators over the decades, has deprived the country of critical social programs that could have lifted millions from poverty, with zero impact to the Rich. Republican administrations have convinced their constituents the trickle-down economics works despite evidence that’s rarely the case. That approach has always been the hallmark of the Republican Party which has overtly showed disdain for the working class, worked against the “struggling class” and associated itself with the rich who they trust would pour hundreds of thousands of dollars in their campaign fundraising for their re-elections.

What would you add?

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