Tax The Rich? Oh No!

To help financially distressed people is welfare, socialism; why not just let them fend off for themselves and die if they fail? But wealthy people cannot be put in this type of predicament. They must be helped financially, through “tax cuts” of course; that’s not welfare, you know. It would be if the funds were distributed to the poor and the working class. The country cannot afford to have people on welfare, milking the system while demanding the rich to pay taxes! That’s not fair! That’s unjust! Its injustice to the rich. Our elected officials should never have to choose between giving to the rich and helping those in financial need. The choice is very simple; the poor are used to struggling, the rich not so much.

Besides, what would the wealthy do if they have to pay more taxes like the rest of us? How would they survive? The average individuals in the “struggling class” can’t possibly understand what the rich would go through if they have to be taxed the same as those in that class. They are not used to this type of treatment; they spent a lifetime not to have to worry about financial problems.

What will they do if Biden follows through on his threat to tax them? How long will they survive? Why would Biden be so cruel to those who have so much and so very little to lose? What sort of person would be so insensitive to the plight of the rich?

What would you add?

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