Machiavellian GOP Leaders Beget The Ignorance of their Supporters

Is There Hope GOP Leaders Will Ever Genuinely Care About America?

Consequently, the statement that Republicans do not give a damn about the United States is not even a tiny little bit exaggerated, for the GOP leaders in particular and the constituents are not at all concerned about the interests of the country. As they proved both in 2016 and in 2020, they are willing to run the country to the ground by electing and re-electing the man they witness to have violated the oath of office, trample the rule of law, jeopardize national security and cozied up to an authoritarian which had placed bounty on the heads of our soldiers; and they rationalize their nefarious behavior as to justify wrongdoing is now the norm in the Republican Party.

Today, Republicans represent the greatest threat the country has faced since its existence. It is the enemy within that is destroying the Republic. America’s Democracy is at risk. The GOP represents the greatest danger to the future of this great nation. The denial or the rejection of this fact is not a solution nor will the problem disappear on its own.

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