Machiavellian GOP Leaders Beget The Ignorance of their Supporters

Do Republicans Have Low Self Esteem Which Forces Them To Support Those Who Lie to Them Constantly?

Most Republican constituents believe that Democrats are the enemy; not Russia the Trump administration cozied up to,  jeopardized our security and destroyed our democracy; not North Korea, not Turkey, not even the fact their former leader worked openly to divide the country along racial lines, not the fact that their Republican Representatives had time and again defended an individual who flaunted every aspect of our justice system, trample our Constitution and sneer at the idea of projecting a good image of America to the rest of the world.

No, not any of that!

Republican Leaders have reached such level of Machiavellianism because, as pointed out time and again, the Republican constituents are not smart enough to join forces with their Democrat counterparts and help rid our government, our society of those bad elements, the GOP Representatives in particular, who are determined to shred every aspect of what has made America the envy of the world for so many decades.

What would you add?

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