Machiavellian GOP Leaders Beget The Ignorance of their Supporters

America Is In Serious Trouble When Leaders Choose To Con Their Supporters

Republican Leaders are hypocrites, liars, unpatriotic, cunning and masters of deception who would rather deceive their own supporters instead of doing the work for which they were elected. Today, they represent the greatest threat to America’s democracy; they are the greatest danger to the future of the Republic

The aforementioned statements (and reflections) might sound farfetched; they are not, they’re not even a little tiny bit exaggerated. I really, really wish they were. GOP Leaders would do (and have done) anything to hold on to power they have enjoyed, and abused without giving anything of substance back to their constituents.

The past four years, we as a country had watched time and again how often Republican Leaders had completely ignored the will of the people, their constituents and engaged in activities they deemed necessary to hold on to power. For purpose of interactions and in all exchanges, those Republican Leaders should be referred to as Con-publicans. GOP Leaders are Masters of Deception. They have managed for decades to con their constituents into believing Democrats are the problem. To a large extent, they have succeeded.

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