Machiavellian GOP Leaders Beget The Ignorance of their Supporters

IGNORANCE Has Already Proven To Be Deadly – Ref: Jan 6, 2021

GOP Leaders offer their constituents non-substantive support that feeds their pride and incites their resentment towards their fellow Democrat countrymen. The GOP elected officials have promised to legislate against:

  1. Abortion while their own children (at times with their consent) performed abortion in secrecy in the next town or whisked outside the country to do so
  2. Homosexuality while they (or close relatives: brothers, cousins, sisters, children) are homosexual themselves
  3. Big government while they are 95% of the time behind the effort of adding more agencies to the government
  4. Liberalism while their children are buck wild out there, with their knowledge and consent most of the time
  5. Lack of patriotism while their actions, their policies prove beyond any doubt they would rather burn the country down, jeopardize the security of its citizens if that would help them stay in power, as that was the case through the Trump administration during which they all spent time kowtowing to a president who valued our enemies more than our soldiers, lambasted our intelligence  while praising our adversaries and inviting America’s archenemy into the White House

What would you add?

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