Machiavellian GOP Leaders Beget The Ignorance of their Supporters

Damages Done To US Democracy Did Not Come From Russia, or China or North Korea

For the past several years, (in the past four years in particular), I have written extensively about the malicious actions of GOP Leaders (political, religious, business) towards the people including their supporters, their openly blatant disregard for the Constitution they all took an oath to protect, to defend and the sheer level of ignorance and lack of patriotism of the Republican constituents.

Neither the GOP Leaders nor the constituents are a tad interested in the wellbeing of the Republic. The Republican Leaders don’t even pretend (anymore) to care about their constituents, for they are certain their supporters are not bright enough to figure out the only use their leaders have for them is to go to the polls to cast votes to re-elect them, to stand against the Democrats even when the effort would be beneficial to them. GOP Leaders believe their supporters are so unbelievably stupid. Do they have a point?

The aforementioned statements would undoubtedly be perceived – in the Republican circle – as the rambling of a damn liberal who is unable to appreciate “GOP great contributions” to the country. Sadly, most Republican constituents buy into this argument; most are much too naïve, too gullible and downright too ignorant to grasp how their Republican leaders have manipulated them over many decades in order to stay in power.

What would you add?

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