The MOST Watched Public Execution of a Black Man since Slavery

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Most police officers are Criminals with Badges and the license to murder. Only a handful is willing to do what’s right by the community they serve, especially if the community comprises of Blacks.

Police officers are foot soldiers carrying out the wishes of a system stacked against Blacks. It is a false hope for Blacks to believe individuals in power are a bit interested in changing that predicament. The country was built on the back of the Blacks; today, police officers, district attorneys, mayors have all built their political career and ambitions on murdering Blacks under the guise of “ridding society of criminals”.

It is this type of irony which makes it all the less possible anything would change anytime soon. Those individuals in control of the Justice System are themselves criminals, thugs in suits who use their position to perpetuate this problem which has plagued America since its existence.

The executions of Blacks by police officers are no accident; it’s never been, not even once. they are deliberate actions those officers have engaged in, knowing the system will protect them, defend them and in very rare occasions give them a slap on the wrist to appease the public.

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