The MOST Watched Public Execution of a Black Man since Slavery

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On February 23, 2020, Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, an unarmed Black man jogging on the streets near his residence was pursued and fatally shot by two White males. George E. Barnhill, the then Waycross district attorney stated there was insufficient cause to arrest the two White males (father and son) who killed Ahmaud. The district attorney argued they had acted legally under Georgia’s citizen arrest and self-defense laws. The decision by the district attorney NOT to have two individuals who just killed another individual arrested should help to understand that the jury who acquitted the two White males who murdered Emmett Till in 1955 has nothing to do with the era.

It is a pattern in the United States that the murder of a Black individual by a police officer is always justified. Suffice for the police officer to claim certain fear for his life; suffice for the police officer to lie about the circumstances in murdering a Black individual. If history is any guide, police officers who have killed a Black individual ALWAYS lie about the circumstances; most of the time, their partners lie as well, their team lead would coach them what to say and back it up, as that was in the case of Michael Slager after murdering Walter Scott; such was in the case of Jason van Dyke after executing Laquan McDonald.

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