The MOST Watched Public Execution of a Black Man since Slavery

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On April 4, 2015 in North Charleston, SC, Walter Scott attempted to flee the scene after being stopped for a broken tail light; he was shot six times in the back by Michael Slager.

Scott was literally executed by an agent of the government. The initial report by Slager was that he shot Walter Scott in self-defense. The video which emerged later clearly showed the victim was killed in cold blood by the officer.

Despite that fact, the trial of Michael Slager ended in a mistrial due to hung jury. As mentioned several times in this publication, Blacks would be naïve to believe there is much progress that is done since slavery. In 1955, an all-White jury acquitted the two males who murdered Emmett Till. In the trial of Michael Slager in May 2016, the jury could not reach a guilty verdict despite video evidence the officer committed a murder. In both cases, the victims were Black.

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