The MOST Watched Public Execution of a Black Man since Slavery

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The trial of a White man – slave master then, police officer now – who murdered a Black individual is simply a guise used by a White controlled society to appease Blacks, nothing else. The judges, the jury, the whole system has been set to avoid punishing a White man who kills a Black individual.

The outcome of the trial in the Emmett Till murder case (in 1955) was not because of the era the victim lived and died in; it is rather an assurance to Whites they are exempt of punishment for killing Blacks; the outcome serves also as a reminder to Blacks there is no justice in America for Blacks. As grim as that might sound, it was the reality then; it is the reality now. In 2016, a jury in South Carolina could not come to a decision as to whether officer Michael Slager was guilty despite a video which clearly showed he executed a Black man, Walter Scott, running away from him.

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