The MOST Watched Public Execution of a Black Man since Slavery

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Police officers do not operate in a vacuum; they report to a Chief of Police who reports to the mayor who makes decisions s/he believes would benefit him/her politically.

Blacks have been the chips they’ve all used to advance their political careers, secure promotions and receive awards for fantastic jobs of ridding society of “bad elements (a code they all understand to mean BLACKS).” Since slavery, Whites – Slave masters then, police officers now – have been executing Blacks with impunity, gone about their business as if nothing had happened, completely oblivious to the fact that after killing an individual, (which they did often) they also disrupt families and destroy generations of young Blacks.

To most Whites, the life of a Black individual is not worth enough to do much fuss about, which might help to explain why they are so outraged by street protests of Blacks’ murders by police turned violent. They cannot understand why “those damn Blacks have to take to the streets, slow down traffic and force them (the privileged Whites) to take different routes to go about their normal lives”. To the Whites who enjoy police protection and respect, Blacks are a nuisance to society. As such, it’s become an acceptable practice for cops to kill Blacks and for Whites to condone their actions, defend them, applaud them and yes even encourage such. The head of the Chicago Police Union called the officer who gunned down a 13-year old boy a hero.

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