The MOST Watched Public Execution of a Black Man since Slavery

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Since slavery, American society, the White American society has always given the stamp of approval for the murder of Blacks.

The rationale provided to justify the continuation of the practice of taking the life of a black individual varies from “it is the action of just a few bad apples” to blaming the victims, and going after the protesters for being angry they live in a country in which genocide of Blacks are not just condoned, it is encouraged, applauded and at times rewarded at the highest level of our government, and society.

Defended by those who are comfortable with the plight of Blacks – individuals we can now easily identify, a great number work at Fox News to promote and defend the practice and quite a few are Republican elected officials who introduced legislations and policies to support the practice – and protected by the very government Blacks support with their taxes, their military services and now as elected officials, the killing of Blacks by law enforcement is not due to lack of training, as many “experts” suggest; it has never been.

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