GOP Leaders Represent Today The Greatest Threat To The Future of the United States

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The approach (by some news media organizations) to allow those bad elements in our society, those thugs in suits to disseminate falsehood using media’ airwaves in the name of fairness does not serve this generation or future ones. Those networks should re-examine the caliber of individuals they invite for interviews but most importantly the hosts (on those networks) must be ready to denounce them and challenge their lies to the audience.

The most important job of a journalist is to protect his audience; that cannot be achieved if he allows the interviewees to lie, to spread false information without challenging him and correcting him on the spot. When a lie remains unchallenged, the audience is at a disadvantage; the lie spreads, invades the minds and becomes the greatest danger to any society. If history is a guide, the audience would be most inclined to believe outrageous lies, conspiracies. Lies travel fast; Mark Twain said that “a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth puts on its shoes”. It is the job of the host to dispel those myths, expose those lies and challenge those conspiracies immediately, on the spot.

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