GOP Leaders Represent Today The Greatest Threat To The Future of the United States

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It was not politics that most Republicans in the House and dozens in the Senate assembled in their respective chambers on January 6, 2021 to challenge the presidential election outcome. It was a violation of the very oath they all took to protect and defend the Constitution; it was a dereliction of their duty to uphold the oath they took.

They all chose to do wrong by the country. Some of them participated in the movement of insurrection against the Republic; a few others collaborated and provided support to the seditionists so they could carry out the act. No part of that behavior is politics; none of that helps to elevate the country. Those kinds of actions are the sorts of things one would expect from undemocratic countries led by dictators or authoritarians. The Republican mobs, supported by GOP Leaders across the country, participated and collaborated in act of sedition. GOP Leaders in Washington lent support to the seditionists by opposing the certification of the election. Today, they behave as if everything in the country is normal, as if they have worked to make America better. Republican Leaders are simply thugs in suits.

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