GOP Leaders Represent Today The Greatest Threat To The Future of the United States

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It is every bit frustrating for any American patriot and totally disheartening for any member of this generation to experience that the biggest problem the United States is confronting is not with China or Russia or North Korea. It’s not with any foreign government or terrorist group; it is with the Republican Leaders exclusively who have made the most important part of their job to destroy our democracy, do away with the Constitution, oppose everything Democrat even if it is beneficial to the country, even when it is beneficial to their own constituents; they lie to the Republican constituents who are completely oblivious the reason the GOP Leaders lie to them is because those leaders believe they, the Republican constituents, DO NOT deserve the truth, they are not worth the truth. Republican Leaders are really thugs in suits.

Today, GOP Leaders represent a grave danger to the nation, perhaps the worst kind this country has had since its existence. They are the enemies within, determined to destroy our way of life, strip its citizens of freedom, promote autocracy all the while blame everyone or anyone who opposes their twisted ideology. They pretend to love the nation they are keen to destroy. Republican Leaders are exactly the types of elements no civilized country should have in its midst or have to deal with; they are just thugs in suits, and yet, sadly they represent millions of people of one of the two major political parties in the country. America is in decline because the people elected to elevate the nation have worked instead to run it to the ground. Republican Leaders are a big threat to the United States of America.

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