GOP Leaders Represent Today The Greatest Threat To The Future of the United States

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Republican Leaders (most of them, the majority) Are just Thugs in Suits. I do not mean that as an insult but rather as a matter of facts discussed throughout this publication. They’ve worked openly against the interests of the United States; they’ve worked to undermine the most important aspect of our lives, the Constitution; they’ve worked to destabilize the government and managed to do more damage than any foreign enemy could have conceived. I do really mean they are thugs in suits who deserve no respect from anyone. Although they would like the rest of us to believe they too are good people who love the country. – Sadly, millions of unsuspected, naïve and gullible Republican constituents follow them, support them and believe in them – yet, they stand for everything which undermines the fabric of our society and threatens to take it back to a dark, ugly, ignominious period in our history. GOP Leaders DO NOT mean well. They prove it time and again. Today, they work openly and deliberately against the interests of their constituents, their own supporters; they rationalize wrongdoing as if they are promoting great ideas. They passed legislations, introduced proposals that will take the country back to an era they’ve all claimed was a dark period in our history. Recently in Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp signed into law measures that will greatly impact participation in our democracy; they cheered their success at doing wrong by others.

Even hardcore criminals have a conscience; GOP Leaders have none. They are no better than individuals they themselves have labeled ‘thugs, criminals’; Republican Leaders are truly undesirable elements of our society, of any society. People who deliberately do wrong by others are evil in nature. GOP Leaders deliberately work against the interests of the working class.


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