Proof Of Technology 100x Smarter Than Humans

to be notified of the follow-up article which looks deeper into the unbelievable stories of sophisticated intelligence we humans have had the privilege to interact with.

The interviewee scientists were of sound minds.  The stories they told were a different story however. Although debriefed and interviewed separately, they all spoke of some form of artificial intelligence which seems “at least 100 times more intelligent than humans” in every aspect.

That’s a hell of a statement coming from brainiacs tasked to guide the human race in matters of progress and evolution!

Their stories were so unbelievable the Head of the Research Division would send them to be put through complete physical and mental examination, the work so to speak. A neutral party was tasked to perform the examination in an expedited process. Answers were needed. The scientists themselves – those who are eyewitnesses of a rare if not unique phenomenon (or fluke) – welcomed the idea for, they too wanted to know whether they suffered of some form of mental displacement. A complete examination would put a few matters to rest; however, no one expected the examination to explain their stories, simply to ascertain those scientists were not affected physically, mentally.

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