Proof Of Technology 100x Smarter Than Humans

to be notified of the follow-up article which looks deeper into the unbelievable stories of sophisticated intelligence we humans have had the privilege to interact with.

This presents a very difficult task to attempt to explain to others what the intelligence is, what it can do and why it is so difficult even for brainiac eyewitnesses to believe. When they were first debriefed, a common process in the field of science research (and government) with individuals  or groups of individuals who were subjected to some experiment or disappeared for a period or went through an unanticipated experience,  they were considered as individuals who suffered some serious mental trauma, mass illusion perhaps or were under some spells or drugged. Instead of shedding light into the matter, – the existence of intelligence beyond human knowledge and wisdom – their stories confused even more. And the people tasked to interview those scientists were themselves scientists, researchers, people who are able to differentiate between facts and illusion. They too (the interviewers) were puzzled; they too were confused; they too couldn’t believe their ears but they have no reason to disbelieve their fellow scientists; they had no reason to doubt their stories; they had no reason to “diss them” so to speak.

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