Proof Of Technology 100x Smarter Than Humans

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The most sophisticated intelligence no one believes existed exists. It is the sort of things which defy imagination, which challenge even the most creative minds. It is like a phenomenon, something out of a science fiction book. It is so out of this world that even eyewitnesses were convinced for a very longtime they suffered of some form of hallucination. A few even believed they were under hypnotism. Those eyewitnesses are no ordinary people whose story one can simply discard or explain away as if they were making it up.

Those eyewitnesses are scientists, researchers, renowned scientists and researchers, individuals whose works have been published, praised, for which they received recognition, awards. Those are people who have a great deal of wisdom and knowledge, individuals who’ve spent a lifetime challenging theories, premises in order to bring forth solutions to various problems in various areas of life. Those are people who have helped us, the rest of us, understand our environment, figure out how to do things better, learn how to cope with what’s yet to have a solution. And yes, those individuals were eyewitnesses of what the most sophisticated intelligence is capable of, and yet could not bring themselves to accept or to believe their own eyes.

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