Cuomo’s Confession to Sex Is…

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As mentioned earlier, those situations are life changing for both parties. When the accuser is mischievous – whatever the motives are – the life of the accused is changed for good, forever even after exoneration. He would always have to explain to society that he was found not guilty of the sexual harassment or assault charges. In the eyes of many, that doesn’t signify innocence; some might even blame the system for “allowing him to get away with it”. For that reason alone, society in general, movements such as #MeToo, #TimesUp in particular have been more harmful to society, to innocent men, than to helping those who may have really been victimized by bad and pernicious men.

The aforementioned rationale is not a template for those occasional circumstances of sexual harassment and assault claims much less it is a boilerplate in the Cuomo case. Because there is more than one accuser, it makes analyzing the case a tad more difficult, a bit more complex. In addition, there are two types of allegations logged against the New York Governor a) sexual harassment b) sexual assault; we’ll tackle them separately.

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