Cuomo’s Confession to Sex Is…

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A woman who accuses a man of having sexually harassed or assaulted her is making a life changing statement for both parties. That’s why any third party that wishes to help with such matter cannot come into the process with “I believe you” attitude, usually awarded to the woman; insinuating statements of support (or rejection) of the claims should be avoided because such approach would already settle the matter; if the woman is believed, the accusation must be true; the man must be guilty. There is no other way to interpret that approach. That very approach would outright reject any denial by the man that sexual harassment or assault took place. As such, any accusation of sexual harassment or assault must be fully investigated before any concerned party (in support or in opposition to the claims) makes definitive statement such as “I believe you” or “she is lying”.

Women are masters of ‘faking emotions: changes in voice tone, tears’ outbursts, long silence to suggest temporary recollections of painful moments, emotional upset, etc.” even when their claims of sexual harassment or assault are false or exaggerated. The most recent case is that of Tara Reade who, during the interview with former Foxnews Primetime Host Megyn Kelly, tried to wipe out ‘fake tears’.

So, when it comes to these types of accusations, we as a society would be better off NOT assigning blame or rejecting the claims; such approach (not assigning guilt or rejecting claims) would be fair as neither the accuser would feel pressured to embellish her story nor the accused would feel “verdicted” by society (for something he might not have done or said) before having an opportunity to reject the claims or acknowledge the problem, even if his behavior was a single instance or a streak of habit in the past.

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