Cuomo’s Confession to Sex Is…

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In the previous article “The ‘Women Hit Squads’ Have Eyes on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo” I related a few facts: i) when a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment (or assault), society is very inclined to believe the woman’ story, thus automatically condemn the man (for behaving inappropriately) ii) even when the woman’ story is found to be untrue or exaggerated, there is usually complete silence on the part of those who wanted to hang the man in the first place, thus making their mission more like a ‘Hit Squad’ than an effort to rid society of bad elements iii) feminist movements such as #MeToo, #TimesUp make it much too easy for women who “have a beef with a man” to simply accuse him of sexual harassment or assaults and get away with it iv) I related that women have a knack for lying (or exaggerating) the scenarios of sexual harassment (or assaults) for which I provided a couple of examples, the most recent being Tara Reade accusing Joe Biden of having sexually assaulted her.

Those bullet-points were addressed in the previous article. Please take a look. Now, let’s dissect the accusations further and shed some light into an issue which affects both the accusers and the accused.

What would you add?

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