Cuomo’s Confession to Sex Is…

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A number of people gave me “a piece of their minds” regarding the previous article, located HERE. They were not happy at all. Some comments framed the discussions in terms of politics, “you wouldn’t condone that behavior if it were a Republican” or “remember how Trump was treated when accused of sexual harassment” and so on.  I had to address their concerns or defend my reasoning.

First of all, the discussions about the Cuomo’ sexual harassment case are not a political debate; it’s an attempt at dissecting what transpired in each of those scenarios and determine whether or where to assign fault. Something is either wrong or right irrespective of political party. The Cuomo case is one such scenario.

If you found the opening paragraph silly, stupid even, you’re not alone. It was meant to be. It was my way of pointing out the silliness to just accept allegations of sexual harassment at face value. However, the implication was never to reject them either.

The discussion that follows represents part-2 of the two-part article which sets out to look at the Cuomo case in particular, sexual harassment’  in general.

What would you add?

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