Cuomo’s Confession to Sex Is…

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Berated for the previous article by anti-Cuomo as well as feminist groups, it is appropriate for me to respond here before discussing further the sexual harassment and assault claims against the governor.

Okay, here it goes!

Cuomo is guilty of everything he is accused of: sexual harassment, sexual assault, cover-up, obnoxiousness, you get the gist. The women who accused him of sexual harassment are spot on. He should be hung for being a bad man. Why is he still governor? There should be laws against bad people like Cuomo, right? He should have nothing to say except to admit he did everything he is accused of. Those women are hurt, doesn’t he get that? He is as guilty as sin. He should turn himself in, get locked up and wait for sentencing. Why is he still governor?




What would you add?

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