The “Women Hit Squads” Have Eyes on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

That macabre end of a young life of a promising young boy was the outcome of a fabricated lie by a woman who was very convincing of what had happened. It was 1955. Several decades later, in 2007 Carolyn Bryant, the woman who accused Emmett Till and caused his death confessed during an interview – later related in a January 26, 2017 article by Vanity Fair, – that the story told that got Till murdered never happened. Although most men accused of sexual harassment or assault do not end up like Emmett Till, their lives, their future could be destroyed by fabricated lies that much too often society gives women credence for.

When Tara Reade came out with allegations of having been sexually assaulted by Joe Biden, the “MeToo”, “Time’sUp” and other Women Hit Squads groups quickly rushed to embrace her lies. Statements such as “we believe you” are often repeated by those who support women who make allegations of sexual harassment against a man. Tara Reade was quickly flanked by high power Attorneys who couldn’t wait to hang “the criminal” who dared to assault her.

There is no lack of examples of women like Tara Reade who managed to sell their stories of sexual harassment/assaults. Women Hit Squads like MeToo have lost all credibility, not just because they had embraced and given comfort to liars like Tara Reade but also because they failed to acknowledge their mistakes and did not publicly rebuke her for her attempt to smear a man she darn well knew did not do any such thing she accused him of. (Please refer to the article Tara Reade Case file).


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