The “Women Hit Squads” Have Eyes on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

Women have a knack for lying! Hard stop. Grind your teeth if you must but be careful. In some instances, the grinding of teeth might take one to the dentist. The statement stands. Women have a knack for lying.

And they’re very good at it too. They are ten times better (or worse) than men. They are very rarely caught. Society – of all ages – has always given women the benefit of the doubt. Besides, they are scrutinized much less than their male counterparts. In addition, their ability to quickly turn the “tears switch and their voice pitch” on/off recounting scenarios of sexual harassment or assault gives credence to their stories, even when those stories are lies and pure fabrications, as illustrated later here in a couple of examples.

Black men are quite familiar with that problem; over many centuries, Black men have been victimized by women’s lies (mostly White women) accusing them of some form of sexual harassment or assaults. Countless black men have their future destroyed in the best case scenario, their lives most of the time. A young boy of just 14 years old by the name of Emmett Till was tortured, beaten, both eyes removed from their sockets by two White males, one of which was the husband of the woman who accused the boy of touching her butt. Emmett’s corpse would be found several days later, disfigured and decomposed in the Tallahatchie River; Till’s beaten, swollen, and decomposing body surfaced in the Tallahatchie River and was discovered by a young fisherman.


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