The “Women Hit Squads” Have Eyes on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

One powerful man the Women Hit Squad can’t wait to punish is the 45th president who bragged (caught on tape) how he sexually assaulted women; he expressed joy to be able to doing that and getting away with it. This is a story we can’t wait to see the ending. As of this writing, there are over two dozen (24+) women who had accused the former president of sexual harassment; at least one accuser lodged a sexual assault allegation against Donald Trump. This matter is currently making its way through the Court system but let’s not digress any further; back to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’ case!

Some of the statements made by the governor’s accusers are beginning to sound a tad suspicious. Explanation is in order. The previous statement is not a repudiation of everything those women said in the allegations of sexual harassment; far from that! It is an effort to put those statements in perspective, to separate the events, the circumstances from embellishments, a more convincing story or from misinterpretation or even the distortion of what really happened and what exactly was said. We would like to keep it real, as they say in some corners of this great Republic.


One thought on “The “Women Hit Squads” Have Eyes on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

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