The “Women Hit Squads” Have Eyes on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

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At least five women – who worked and/or interacted with as well as a current staffer identified as Anonymous – have thus far accused Cuomo of sexual harassment; the latest bombshell – dropped by Anonymous – suggested Cuomo groped her in his office.  If recent history is any guide, the “Women Hit Squads” (MeToo, TimesUp, ..) are holding strategy, sharpening their weapons to bring down another “powerful man who thought he could get away with sexually harassing women”.

Well, he can’t! Because “We Women will bring him down” hard, to his knees, you’ll see!

Needless to rehash stories of powerful men (Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein) and a few others (Bill O’Reilly@FOXNEWS, Charlie Rose@CNBC, Chris Matthew@MSNBC) who simply lost their lucrative jobs but escaped the wrath of angry women who will not take it anymore from those men. The nerve!


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