The Dangerous Republican Lies That Can Destroy America

Although we would all like to think the second darkest period in American history was caused solely by the actions of a rogue president and a few of his followers; that was not the case. That predicament was the direct consequence of a non-stop campaign of lies (by virtually all elected members of the Republican Party aided by networks and publication sympathizing with their message, as well as religious leaders seeking to elevate their status) which culminated to that moment, an act of sedition, an act of treason by the 45th president of the United States. Besides, it was not just those mobs we watch on our television that were behind that dark moment in our history.

Behind the scenes, over 147 Republican Congressmen and a dozen Republican Senators were plotting to help the 45th president achieve his nefarious objective, that of overturning the outcome of an election. The mobs could be forgiven for being stupid; they were instructed by their revered leaders. But it was the Republican Legislators who lied to them repeatedly, fed them conspiracy theories regarding the outcome of the elections, – aided by networks such as Fox News, Newsmax and OAN, should be sufficient to warn generations of Americans – and incited them to act on those lies. That should be a warning to all, Democrats and Republicans alike, that to subscribe to and embrace lies is not a lifestyle. It shows a lack of character, and it is very dangerous.

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