The Dangerous Republican Lies That Can Destroy America

GOP Leaders have for decades, many decades, resorted to lies, deceptions and even Machiavellian tactics to holding on to power; the irony – would be funny if outcome were not so devastating (such was in the case of the January 6, 2021 attempt to overturn the result of an election) – is that they work openly against the interests of the very people, those who support them, the Republican constituents. We as a country spent the four years of the previous administration focused on the individual who spoke the loudest, made the most outrageous statement and purposely riled up his supporters – by simply lying to them – against Democrats in particular but anyone who criticized him or he perceived as enemy. Overwhelmed by the avalanche of chaos created by the 45th president, we as a country had lost focus in the fight against the lies, the conspiracy theories Republican elected officials, media networks such as Fox, Newsmax, now OANN and many others, have made use of in the past several decades.

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