The Dangerous Republican Lies That Can Destroy America

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Most Republican Legislators (in Washington and across the country) dedicate most of their time to devise ways to lie to their constituents instead of working to address their interests. That statement is not an opinion. In this article, and in subsequent related article(s), examples will be brought forth to illustrate. To the detriment of the nation, their tactic works. However, as we discuss here and in future publications, that approach – to lie to the constituents – is not just unethical, morally wrong and disgusting, it is also dangerous.

People who are lied to have knowingly or subconsciously displayed their true characters; they choose to i) either stand by the liar ii) or walk away from him. The individual’s character dictates what he would do next. Republican constituents (especially those who share sentiment similar to former president Trump) leave no ambiguity in this regard; they stated clearly and said unequivocally they have no character; they have no moral value; they abide by no moral principle and they have no worth. However harsh those words are, it would be a disservice to society, to the nation to pretend otherwise. For the sake of future generations, please don’t!


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