The Deplorable – 2

That’s not even the worst of it. Hiding behind those masks, Republicans have always tried to judge others by measures (principles, values, Christianity, patriotism, etc. ) they can hardly live up to; they are either oblivious or they have simply made the conscious decision to live a life of pretense. The worst of it all is, they don’t care it’s obvious to the world; they don’t care the rest of us stares at their naked foolishness, their open hypocrisy and their nefarious methods . How do you shame someone who’s embraced wickedness, depravity and evilness as a way of life?

To the Democrats in general, Joe Biden in particular, who want to work with the Republicans, the simple question is this: how do you work with people who do not give a damn about what’s right? How do you find common ground with individuals who have made the conscious and deliberate decision to do what’s wrong, what’s bad, what’s evil?

What would you add?

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